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Company headquarters

JUST International AG
Dorf 62
9428 Walzenhausen

Hereinafter referred to as “JUST”.

JUST Schweiz AG
Dorf 62
9428 Walzenhausen



JUST Deutschland GmbH
Gewerbepark Edelweiss 1
D-88138 – Weissensberg

JUST France
Z.A.E. du Mijoulan
950 avenue Justin Bec.
F-34680 – St. Georges d’Orques

JUST International LATAM S.A. (2nd production site)
Caratini Esq. Fournier
AR-1748 – Grail. Rodriguez

August-Borsig-Str. 13
D-78467 Konstanz


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Trademark law

The brands and logos mentioned on the JUST website are protected by trademark law. Third parties are prohibited from using any trademarks or logos

Liability for advertising of third parties

JUST does not check the websites of third parties to which there are links on this website and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the content of such websites.

Detailed disclaimer

The information supplied by JUST serves exclusively to inform you and is not in any case a substitute for a personal consultation, examination or diagnosis by an approved physician.

JUST does not provide any advice, recommendation or solicitation with respect to the purchase and/or use of medicines, other health products, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

We also warn against self-medication. The content provided by JUST cannot and must not be used for making independent diagnoses and/or for the independent selection and application, modification or discontinuation of medicines, other health products or treatment procedures. Please always ask your doctor or pharmacist!

The company does not guarantee that the data and information provided is complete or up to date.  The content and information provided on the websites is used at the sole risk of the users. JUST does not accept any liability or assume any responsibility for damage resulting from the direct or indirect use of the data and information provided.

JUST International reserves the right to review discussions, chats, information and messages etc. that users transmit on communication forums and to delete unauthorised content without notice. It cannot accept any responsibility for the content of such communication forums.

Handling of data

JUST undertakes to treat personal data in strict confidence and not to forward it outside the JUST Group or to sell or make it accessible to third parties.

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