Plant power

From plant
to skin


JUST products for health, beauty and well-being harness the power of nature. JUST has always focused on Swiss herbs and plants that grow under extreme climatic conditions and develop sophisticated, natural protective mechanisms. Our worldwide bestsellers are highly effective special products with valuable herbal extracts and essential oils for the “home pharmacy” – an effective alternative when it comes to activating regenerative powers and having a beneficial effect on body and mind. The excellent tolerability, ensured by tested quality from the cultivation of the plants to the unique textures, make JUST products an incomparably beneficial care experience for the whole family.


The galenic principle

Highly effective herbs and plants supply us with active ingredients. Extracting this energy from the herbs correctly and processing it gently is a challenging task that the team of highly qualified and experienced scientists and experts in research & development successfully tackle on a daily basis. In our own laboratory in Walzenhausen, JUST formulas are developed with the greatest care on the basis of traditional plant and herbal medicine and the latest scientific findings for your health and well-being. The products are brought to perfection according to the principle of galenic formulation, which states that the active ingredients act exactly where they are supposed to thanks to their optimum form, concentration and method of application.


Six steps to the renowned JUST quality



Impeccable quality, precision, care and reliability have the highest priority and a long tradition at JUST. JUST products are marked “Made in Switzerland”, as they meet all legal requirements and comply with the standards defined for high quality Swiss products.

Plant expertise

Plants and herbs are the heroes of our products. Our extensive knowledge of their effects enables us to precisely select the right ingredients and extract them in the best possible way. This means that the natural active ingredients are continuously perfected so that their full potency can unfold on the skin.


In the creation of our JUST formulas, herbs and plants from Switzerland and around the world provide active ingredients and extracts for our health, beauty and well-being. Extracting them correctly, processing them gently and specifically for each plant and transferring as many active ingredients as possible into a product is a challenging task that the team of scientists and experts in research & development successfully faces every day.


Valuable raw materials in unique formulations are used to create distinctive JUST products which are manufactured at the highest technical level in our own production facilities in Walzenhausen. Gentle processing of the precious raw materials and the careful and sustainable use of resources and the environment are matters which are particularly dear to our hearts. The production of JUST products is GMP and ISO certified. See certificates.


Our formulations act on different levels; caring for the skin with costly plant extracts and oils, energising or harmonising the spirit with the soothing scents of essential oils and promoting the health of the entire body. Our proven formulas are faithful companions for more mobility, free breathing and cosmetics for naturally beautiful skin.

Personal consultation

The products from the world of herbs and our valuable knowledge about their unique quality and effectiveness are personally brought into your home around the world by competently trained and friendly consultants. From the very beginning JUST has relied on this individual, person-to-person approach which has been one of the pillars of its success.


Healthy well-being from head to toe

For 90 years JUST has been developing and producing herbal and plant-based care products of the highest Swiss quality. We make products for the whole family – for all ages and from head to toe. And naturally for health, beauty and well-being.

Healthy well-being –
JUST home pharmacy

Nature has a remedy for everything: JUST has incorporated these costly substances into herbal creams and precious essential oils to offer effective all-round solutions for the entire body. With gentle to deep-acting effects, these potent ingredients unfold a variety of positive properties for the musculoskeletal system, our general well-being and healthy skin.

home pharmacy

Beauty – The result of well-cared for skin

Innovations from JUST’s own laboratory and the richness of nature’s treasures are the secret for beautiful and cared-for skin. The “Alpine Moisture Complex” with Swiss edelweiss and glacier water, developed exclusively for Vital JUST facial care, preserves youthful radiance while specially selected plant extracts take care of the individual needs of all skin types.
The power of nature in skin-flattering formulas with clinically proven efficacy get your body into top shape. Valuable plant extracts provide fullness and strength for naturally cared-for hair and a healthy scalp.


Well-being – Wellness for body and mind

The unique Appenzell mountain landscape is home to a variety of valuable herbs and plants. JUST makes use of their mysterious potency and combines them in unique body care products that pamper the skin and senses in equal measure.


Household – A well-kept home environment

In the beginning was the brush. Ulrich Jüstrich, founder of the JUST company, began his career over 90 years ago as a brush salesman. In addition to the comprehensive range of cosmetic and care products, the classic household products are still at the top of the list when it comes to high-quality and effective household cleaning aids.