Interview with Triple Jumper Alina Tobler

Alina Tobler is a three-time Swiss champion in the triple jump from Walzenhausen. Since 2020, she has been supported by JUST in her athletic activities. In this interview, you will learn about the challenges she faces in her daily life and how JUST and its products help her.

Biodiversity makes School: JUST supports Biodiversity Projects at Walzenhausen Schools

JUST actively promotes the preservation of biodiversity and the cultivation of environmentally conscious behavior. Since 2020, JUST has supported schools in Walzenhausen with annual contributions to promote various biodiversity projects.

Essential oils #howdoesnaturework

Plants & herbs come in countless varieties that differ in colour, shape, fragrance and effect. Each plant produces essential oils to protect itself, for example, against the effects of its environment. We too can benefit from these herbal substances. Our ancestors were already aware of this important fact. The use of essential oils, also known as “aromatherapy”, has a long tradition.

The effects of the edelweiss in cosmetics

Discover the secrets of the edelweiss for your skin care! The edelweiss, a unique alpine flower, is not only a symbol of the Swiss mountains, but also has beneficial properties for the skin. Harvested from the sunny alpine meadows of Valais, this winter hardy plant harbours true wonder for your skin. With natural antioxidants and protective substances against environmental influences, edelweiss slows down the skin ageing process, reduces wrinkles and strengthens the skin barrier. Learn more about the impressive effects of edelweiss in cosmetics.