Interview with Triple Jumper Alina Tobler

Alina Tobler is a three-time Swiss champion in the triple jump from Walzenhausen. Since 2020, she has been supported by JUST in her athletic activities. In this interview, you will learn about the challenges she faces in her daily life and how JUST and its products help her.

Triple jumper Alina Tobler in the JUST World

Alina, what brought you to JUST and how did the cooperation with JUST come about?

Alina Tobler: I come from Walzenhausen, so I’ve always known about JUST. We always had the products at home – there was always something from JUST around. Additionally, my grandmother worked at JUST for a very long time. So, I thought I’d just ask about sponsorship. It worked out, and I’m very happy about it because I benefit greatly from this cooperation.

What is valuable to you about the cooperation with JUST?

Alina Tobler: Everything. Of course, being sponsored – both financially and with the products, which are really very good and which I can use in my everyday life. But also, the transparency. When I come here, it feels like family, even though it’s a big family. I have my products, I know nothing is “fake”, but simply “pure nature.”

Tell us about your training and competition plans. What challenges do you face in training, what have been your most significant achievements and personal bests?

Alina Tobler: Let’s start with personal bests: in the triple jump, I’m at 13.01m, which I hope to improve this year. 13.50m would be great – that’s the Swiss record. Regarding training: currently, we have two guided training sessions where we work on technique and running. Otherwise, we have regeneration training, strength training, and jump strength training. In total, I train 10-12 hours per week, depending on the cycle – in winter, the training tends to be longer, in summer, when we’re all a bit more energetic, a bit shorter.

A current challenge is university. I’m now in my 4th semester studying Earth Sciences, and sometimes it’s difficult to juggle everything. But I manage well to switch gears. When I’m training, I train, and when I’m at university, I focus on studying.

My most significant achievements include the Swiss Championship 2019, where I jumped 13.01m in the triple jump. It was a great experience not only because of my personal best but also because of the exciting competition. We were all quite close with 13.01m, 12.95m, and 12.89m, and could really duel it out. Suddenly, the triple jump became the focus of the competition, which is very rare in this discipline. It’s usually the sprint that’s the king discipline. That was a very nice experience. And then there was the Team European Championship 2019 in Poland. The competition was fantastic because many different athletes from other countries were there, including all my idols. It was a real honour to jump with these well-known, great triple jumpers.

Is the Olympics a goal for you?

Alina Tobler: Yes. It is the goal. It is a big goal, but I still dream of it. And I still believe it is possible. Especially in the triple jump, when you’re on the right track and things are going well, you can really improve. I believe in that, and it would be truly incredible.

How do you approach fitness and health in your daily life?

Alina Tobler: I naturally make sure not to eat just fast food, but to eat well. It doesn’t help if I eat only fries all the time. When I have a training break, I go to university sports with my friends. I just like to try something different now and then or go bouldering with my sister.

Which JUST product do you like to use the most and why?

Alina Tobler: I prefer to use the Vital Just Cleansing Gel and the Hydro Gel. These are my favourite products. I use them every evening and morning and really enjoy them. In the evening, after training, after work, or whatever, I can come home and wash everything off. Then I feel reborn and can unwind. It’s extremely pleasant and such a nice ending to the day, something I always look forward to.

Which products would you recommend for sports?

Alina Tobler: For sports, I use the Arnica-Devil’s Claw-Frankincense Cream Gel and also the Comfrey Cream Gel. After sports, I really like the Pedibalm. I can apply it to my legs, lie on the bed, and elevate my legs. This helps them regenerate and cool down very well, which is very pleasant.

After sports, Alina Tobler likes to use the Pedibalm

How does JUST accompany your daily life?

Alina Tobler: Everywhere. I also clean with JUST products. I have your cleaning products, my cream for sports, the room fragrances, and for university, I use the essential oils, so really everywhere.

What are your next goals and how can JUST support you in achieving them?

Alina Tobler: My next goals are to jump more than 13m this year, ideally around 13.50m. Also, the Swiss Championship is coming up, which I would like to win. But nothing international this year. Next year is the Team European Championship again, and I definitely want to participate in that. It’s just something special. You are a unit and a family. In athletics, you are usually very much in an individual sport – you against everyone else. And in the Team European Championship, everyone cheers each other on, and you really get that team sport feeling in an individual sport.

We thank you for the interview and look forward to continuing to be a sporting partner for Alina. All the best and much success, Alina!