Biodiversity makes School: JUST supports Biodiversity Projects at Walzenhausen Schools

JUST actively promotes the preservation of biodiversity and the cultivation of environmentally conscious behavior. Since 2020, JUST has supported schools in Walzenhausen with annual contributions to promote various biodiversity projects.

This year, biodiversity was implemented as part of a schoolyard redesign.

The project week at the Bild school in Walzenhausen aimed to make the school environment more natural and thereby increase biodiversity. The students of the first and second grades were supported not only financially but also with hands-on help from our employees. For five days, they diligently shoveled and planted. Together, they created snack corners, designed a wild bee park, built sensory paths, and much more.

Projects like these raise awareness of the diversity of nature and enable students in Walzenhausen to make a positive contribution to the environment through active participation. Our goal is not only to strengthen local biodiversity but also to instill a profound understanding of conservation in the next generation.

A heartfelt thank you goes to the owners, Hansueli and Marcel Jüstrich, for the idea and initiative of the biodiversity project at the Walzenhausen school, as well as for their generous financial support, without which these projects would not be possible.

As part of WeCare, we see the project as a valuable contribution to people and nature – Justainability live! Learn more about Justainability.