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Plants & herbs come in countless varieties that differ in colour, shape, fragrance and effect. Each plant produces essential oils to protect itself, for example, against the effects of its environment. We too can benefit from these herbal substances. Our ancestors were already aware of this important fact. The use of essential oils, also known as "aromatherapy", has a long tradition.

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“Essential oils and their fragrances have an often underestimated impact on our well-being. Aromatherapy is based on knowledge that was already used in the times of the Egyptians and in ancient Greece. This knowledge is therefore the essence of many years of empirical findings. In contrast, the systematic study of aromatherapy is a very new science. Thanks to the results of new research, many of the traditionally known effects have now also been scientifically proven.”

Dr Christel Adomat, JUST Head of Product Innovation

Essential oils determine the scent of the plant and for this reason are also referred to as the “soul of the plants”. The herbal powerhouses can have a mood-lifting or calming effect and help us to achieve physical and mental well-being. Essential oils are available as mono-oils (oil of a single plant) or compositions (blends of oils from several plants). They are highly concentrated and can have strong effects and for this reason care should be taken to ensure the correct dosage.

Essential oils are natural all-rounders. They often fulfil several requirements at the same time and act on different levels. Aromatherapy affects us on two different levels – both physically & mentally.

The oils can have a caring, stimulating, cleansing, relaxing or regenerating effect on our minds and skin. On the mental level, for example, the oils boost our concentration, alleviate fear and tension, enhance our feeling of well-being, strengthen our courage and inspire our creativity. This mental effect is usually quick and individual, as the scent of the oils directly reaches the part of the brain that is responsible for our feelings through the nose. The effect of the oils unfolds even when we are not consciously aware of them. They can have an unconscious influence on us and act unobtrusively on the emotional and mood level.

The JUST essential oils are applied externally:

Bath additive:Add a few drops to the bathwater
Roll-ons can be applied selectively to the temples, neck, wrists
and behind the ears
Massage:Add a few drops to a base oil
Steam inhalation:Add a few drops to a bowl of warm water
Sauna infusion:Add a few drops to the infusion water
*The exact dosage is stated on the respective package insert.

High quality and purity are characteristic of all JUST mono-oils. They are authentic and unadulterated – the natural essence of the plant. To create the unique JUST oil blends, the team of doctoral scientists and experienced experts in research & development put together unique compositions based on traditional plant and herbal teachings as well as the latest scientific findings. As the plants are perfectly coordinated, the oil blends have an optimised active spectrum.

Unique JUST products:

Essential oils

For 90 years JUST has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality plant and herbal care products for health, beauty and well-being on a personal one-to-one basis.