JUST joins the EcoBeautyScore Consortium

36 cosmetics and personal care companies as well as professional associations have joined forces to form the EcoBeautyScore Consortium, aiming to develop an industry-wide environmental impact assessment and scoring system for cosmetics products.

Consumers are demanding greater transparency of product origin and environmental impact. The proliferation of ‘green’ labels and claims on personal care products has enabled heightened scrutiny and raised consumer expectations of brands. Furthermore, legislators and regulations increase the pressure on brands to be more transparent about the environmental impact of producing and using products.
The purpose of the EcoBeautyScore Consortium: enable consumers to make sustainable choices through an environmental impact assessment and scoring system.

For JUST, membership in the EcoBeautyScore Consortium is an important milestone in order to act in a scientifically founded and customer-relevant way in the field of sustainability. As a member of the consortium, we have the opportunity to gain early insight into developments around the topic of environmental management in the cosmetics industry and to participate in shaping them. This enables us to closely follow future challenges in terms of sustainability and to be present when important parameters are defined concerning development, production and use of cosmetic products.
“As a company with the mission to bring healthy well-being personally into every home, we are committed to the preservation of nature and a healthy environment for people and animals. As a member of the EcoBeautyScore Consortium, we actively participate to create objective parameters that enable customers to make sustainable purchasing decisions. What JUST brings is good and should also be good for the environment, that is our goal” says JUST International AG Managing Director Heinz Moser.

Further information:

Media contact Ulrich Jüstrich Holding AG (JUST Group): medien@just.ch

Media contact EcoBeautyScore: media@ecobeautyscore-consortium.org