The power of herbs

Vital Just – Swiss plant power for perceptibly rejuvenated skin

A great deal has happened over the past few years. Unique active plant ingredients and many new anti-ageing research insights meant that it was time to give our JUST Premium facial care an all-round make-over! We take pleasure in presenting the new Vital Just range, the result of three years of intensive research and development work.

Nature is our most important supplier

Botanical power was decisive in the development of this new range, alongside the royalty of the Alps – the edelweiss and alpine rose 22 exciting new active wonders from nature have been included in this new facial care range. Each of these plants provides solutions for protection against premature skin ageing and for softening its visible signs. French lavender, for example, with its “Smart Botox effect” acts by relaxing the facial muscles during the night. Peony firms sagging facial contours and buckwheat makes bags under the eyes disappear by minimising the fat deposits under the eyes … to reveal just a few beauty secrets of the new ranges.

Swiss alpine power

The stars of the range which make each individual product a true power pack are the alpine rose & edelweiss.

Edelweiss from the Valais

As a traditional Swiss company, we have always relied on the special power of our native plants and harness their many and varied effects for our products.

Edelweiss is a very effective protective antioxidant, and alpine rose plays a significant role in moisturising the skin as well as in cell renewal.

Alpine Rose from the Bernese Alps

Results that speak for themselves

All products were tested in clinically conducted studies. A wide range of properties were examined: Eye tolerance, skin hydration, pore refinement, increased skin elasticity, optimised facial contours, reduced wrinkle depth and volume and much more. For us, the excellent results are proof that the power of nature has an effective solution for all needs.

For whom is this range suitable?

For everyone! The range takes the needs of different skin ages and skin types into account and features different cleansing products, special care items and products for day and night care.

This allows everyone to create their own individual care routines.

Strong content – light packaging

An essential element of our new care range is a new, sustainable packaging concept. It’s based on the principles “recycled”, “reduced” & “recyclable”. Depending on the product, the recycled content of our plastic packaging is therefore now between 60 and 100%, which saves us approximately 18 tonnes of virgin plastic per year. All packaging is recyclable when added to the recycling loop and can be used again as recycled plastic. A 35% reduction in the jar material consumption saves five tons material per year, which has a positive impact on the transport weight and therefore the CO2 footprint.

Vital Just Facial Care Line

The new Vital Just anti-ageing range combines the strengths and values of JUST with the latest skin research findings and sustainability standards for a new dimension in health, beauty and well-being.

The entire Vital Just skincare line is available in Switzerland at or visit the JUST website in your country.

For 90 years JUST has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality plant and herbal care products for health, beauty and well-being on a personal one-to-one basis.