Two products - one goal - pure energy! The revitalising fragrance combination of aromatic citrus fruits and stimulating notes of ginger have an uplifting effect on the mood, awakening your appetite for new challenges – the Shower Peeling with apricot kernel granules stimulates the skin's micro-circulation, while the cooling, fresh formula of the Energy Spray gives the metabolism a boost – for an energetic start to the day.

We all know the feeling – days when nothing seems to go right. It already starts early in the morning when the alarm clock goes off. Did you open your eyes and jump out of bed with a smile on your face? Hardly! Late risers and those of us who are not simply not morning people find it difficult to get up in the morning because they just don’t have the energy they need to start the day in a good mood. Even motivational sayings such as “the early bird catches the worm” are only met at best with a weary smile. But not only sleepyheads struggle with listlessness in the morning, feeling tired and weak. In our non-stop society, getting enough sleep is a luxury – to the detriment of our health, and we are faced with the consequences such as general fatigue during the day, lack of concentration at work and even dangers such as nodding off at the wheel. We are living in a fast-moving age and an increasing number of people are focusing all their energy on trying to be faster, further ahead or better. They firmly believe that all our waking moments must be used wisely and overlook the seamless transition from day to night. Fatigue is a natural and normal reaction of the body. However it occasionally occurs at the “wrong” time and shows us that we need a break and rest – signs which are then ruthlessly ignored. Our schedules are too full – driving the children to daycare, an important meeting at the office at 11 a.m., and a visit to the dentist in the afternoon that can’t be postponed. 

However, marked signs of fatigue can also be seasonal. Especially when winter is approaching, nature’s transition to the cold time of year can impact our mood. In the spring, on the other hand, listlessness is caused by environmental changes. When the cold of winter gives way to warmer temperatures, the body must first get used to the difference. In the summer we have problems with the heat. Everyday problems not only have a negative effect on our mood, but also drain the energy which our body needs. This can stop us achieving our normal standards and results in poor concentration.

There is then a disparity between what we would like to accomplish and what we can effectively achieve. In short, we are never immune to listlessness. Imagine having a bodycare range that can achieve more in exactly these situations …

  • A burst of energy for the body and senses
  • A pleasurable experience with an uplifting effect
  • Unique care thanks to selected plant extracts such as sunflower and peppermint that revitalise, energise and give us more vitality
  • Sheer freshness thanks to pure Swiss glacier water from Engelberg
  • Rich in a total of 10! beneficial essential oils that activate and revitalise the body and spirit

AROMA CARE Vitality – more energy every day

Aroma Care Vitality Shower Peeling & Aroma Care Vitality Energy Spray

Developed by our R&D experts. A unique aroma care range that recharges our batteries in a completely natural way.

Aroma Care Vitality Shower Peeling:

  • Activating cleansing – delicate apricot kernel granules activate the skin’s micro-circulation for a gentle wellness massage and already get the whole body’s metabolism going in the shower.
  • Invigorating – the revitalising fragrance combination of aromatic citrus fruits and stimulating notes of ginger have an uplifting effect on the mood, awakening your appetite for new challenges – for an energetic start to the day.
  • Nourishing – moisturising, mineral-rich Swiss glacier water from Engelberg and regenerating sea buckthorn fruit pulp oil provide the skin with beneficial moisture and an extra portion of care – leaving the skin feeling silky soft.

Aroma Care Vitality Energy Spray:

  • Vitalising –the energising cocktail ofaromatic citrus fruits paired with the stimulating notes of ginger awakens our zest for life with wonderfully invigorating freshness in the morning and throughout the day.
  • Refreshing – the tangy blend of essential oils combined with the slightly cooling extract of mint tones the body and mind whenever you feel the need, especially on hot days and when you are overcome by drowsiness.
  • Moisturising – the nourishing formula, enriched with Swiss glacier water from Engelberg, provides extra moisture and natural minerals for the skin, leaving it feel pleasantly soft. Peach blossom extract fortifies the skin’s protective barrier against environmental damage.