Earth Day

22. April 2021 Today is the official Earth Day. This is not the only day to appreciate our Earth, because we only have this one Earth.

At JUST, every day is “Earth Day” and that is why we want to positively influence our impact on the environment every day. During the planning and realisation of our production facility, the “Generation Building” at Walzenhausen, we paid attention from the beginning to producing in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We have collected a few facts about this.

14001:2015: Certification of environmental management systems:
Our environmental management system is officially audited and ISO-certified.

Earth probes
23 geothermal probes at a depth of 200 metres serve as a source of energy for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Use of waste heat
The waste heat from the production machines is also used to heat the offices.

LED lamps
The use of 1’103 LED lamps in the whole building saves about 40% of electrical energy compared to conventional lamps.

Rainwater container
The rainwater container with a capacity of 25,000 litres ensures the irrigation of the plants on the terrace and the green roof.

Nature on the company campus
JUST welcomes nature on the company campus, so we use green roofs and have our own herb garden. The building itself integrates perfectly with nature thanks to its glass construction, which reflects the sky and clouds.