Aromatherapy: Natural support for stress management

People are feeling more stressed and are suffering from the consequences. Increased fatigue, headaches, sleeping problems or low mood can result. This is a common theme across all age groups. According to studies, the main stress factors are school, studies and work – closely followed by high personal demands. When feelings of stress become a permanent state, it is important to look for more ways to relax in everyday life. An effective approach to provide natural support is aromatherapy with essential oils.

Essential oils against stress
Stress is everywhere and is often referred to as a social disease. Even if stress itself is not a disease as such, it can trigger other diseases. It affects the majority of people, which is why the fact that it is regarded as a social disease is telling. It seems that life is becoming increasingly challenging and younger generations are also feeling the effects. Even children now suffer from sleeping problems or low moods and the reasons are often stress or excessive demands. Children often perceive school as a burden. Expectations are increasing and everything starts earlier, such as learning foreign languages or playing competitive sports. Children are not left to enjoy their free time, which should have a harmonising effect. Many complain of having too little time for friends and periods of rest. The effects of our fast-paced world with a bombardment of new trends in lifestyle, technology, etc., often motivate children to optimise their competitiveness at an early age.

Main stress factors for children

One approach to naturally and easily enhancing their well-being and help minimise anxiety and nervousness as well as promote concentration is the use of essential oils.

Aromatherapy uses the volatile plant powers for the body, mind and spirit, acting primarily through the central nervous system, olfactory centre and limbic system. Inhaling the fragrances creates sensory stimuli which can trigger feelings and memories. This is said to help people find ways to open up to their own feelings to achieve a positive influence on their state of mind.

Children are often much more sensitive to essential oils than adults. To enable young people to also benefit from the properties of the valuable plant essences, we recommend using a lower concentration of essential oils.

This means that the correct selection and dosage of these valuable plant essences is the key to unfolding their optimum effects.

Balance & Joy Roll On

Ätherisches Öl - Balance & Joy Roll On

A unique fragrance composition with selected essential oils.

  • Optimally adapted to the needs of children, schoolchildren and students
  • Support for inner balance, calmness and strength
  • Promotes alertness, concentration and learning ability
  • For more vitality and motivation
  • Helps them focus on what is important and also contributes to preventing mental distraction
  • Soothes feelings of psychological stress, anxiety and nervousness.
  • Has an uplifting effect for aiding relaxation and boosting self-confidence

Young people, especially children and adolescents, are often not yet able to assess their moods or even describe them in concrete terms. For this reason JUST has created an oil composition that provides beneficial support in almost any situation:

Orange oilUplifting and harmonising
Litsea cubeba oilStimulating and aids concentration
Lemon oilHas an uplifting effect, sharpens the mind and aids the memory
Coriander oilPromotes rest and relaxation
Juniper oilWarming, soothing, balancing
Amyris oilDispels nervousness and negative feelings
Tonka bean oilHarmonising, alleviates inner restlessness
Almond oilSoothes irritation, cares for and protects the skin
Sunflower oilStrengthens the skin barrier and makes the skin feel soft

The basic structure of the fragrance of the Balance & Joy Roll-On is based on a study carried out in Germany over a period of five years at 30 schools with almost 800 pupils.

A look at the results reveals the following:

  • 41% of the students reported being able to concentrate more effectively in the classroom
  • 35% gave a positive response when questioned about improvement of their school performance
  • 46% found that the atmosphere in the class had improved (more motivation)
  • 38% reported a decrease in aggression among classmates
  • 29% of parents who were asked about the student’s feelings about going to school agreed with the statement: “My child likes going to school more than before”

The oil is also wonderful for adults in stressful situations in their professional or private lives. The special feature of this oil is its gentle but effective formulation. The selection of different natural essences is ideal for the skin and sensory cells of young people.

Notes on use:

  • Apply gently to the neck, behind the ears and to the wrists as needed
  • Especially suitable for the acupressure energy points – particularly effective
  • Immediately ready for use, discreet and practical when out and about
  • Do not apply to the eyes or on mucous membranes
  • From three years of age

It is said that essential oils contain the vitality of plants in its concentrated form. JUST passes on this vitality through the use of essential oils. The art is to combine ancient plant expertise from centuries gone by with the latest scientific findings to create incomparable, individual creations.

The knowledge of how to combine the best oils to create unique blends for optimal effect is what sets JUST apart and is at the heart of its essential oil expertise. ⁠

The respective harmonising, stimulating or calming effect of the essential oils is based on their beneficial fragrances. They are uplifting, harmonising and help us to achieve physical and mental well-being.

For 90 years JUST has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality plant and herbal care products for health, beauty and well-being on a personal one-to-one basis.