Generations Building in Walzenhausen

The Generations Building in Walzenhausen is a carefully designed construction that is dear to the heart of JUST – a perfect symbiosis of human, ecological and economic aspects. Having balanced these three aspects is our understanding of sustainability. We would therefore like to pass on a few facts about our Generations Building.

The Generations Building has been in operation since 2016 and has relied on sustainable heat generation from the outset. The Generations Building, our modern production facility in Walzenhausen, is supplied with energy from 23 geothermal probes installed at a depth of 200 metres. They provide the energy for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

JUST Generationenbau in Walzenhausen, Schweiz
JUST Generations Building in Walzenhausen, Switzerland

By using geothermal probes as well as the heat recovery system, JUST was able to save 270 tonnes of CO2 emissions in comparison to the amount of emissions produced by conventional energy sources. At our headquarters in Walzenhausen, photovoltaic systems supplied 20% of the consumed electricity. The highest number of kilowatt hours of electricity by far was generated in June. Heat recovery and photovoltaic systems therefore saved 298.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to the per capita CO2 emissions of approximately 63 people (in 2020*).

*”In 2020 global per capita CO2 emissions totalled approx. 4.7 tonnes.” Source:

CO2 reduction: 298.2 t lower CO2 emissions with geothermal probe and photovoltaic systems = equivalent to the per capita emissions of 63 people (2020*)

In the JUST Generations Building, 1,103 LED lamps are in use every day, saving about 40% of the electrical energy consumed by conventional lamps.

Energy savings: LED lamps save 40% of the electrical power consumed by conventional lamps.

In addition, JUST uses waste heat from its production facilities to heat and cool the offices. Waste heat from production can be used to cover 80% of the energy demand and heat the offices in the cold seasons.

Heat recovery: JUST can cover 80% of energy demand with the waste heat from production to heat the offices.

Finally, an additional fact as to why we gave the Generations Building its name in the first place. On the one hand the name reflects that the new building is continuing a family tradition, and on the other hand that it was built to set the course for future generations. By this we mean future employees, people from the region and customers, but also ensuring a sustainable approach towards nature, from which we draw our most precious resources.