Our hands do a lot – the right hand care

Our hands are our number one working tool and interface with our world countless times day after day. At the same time, alongside our face, they play a significant role in our image and how we are perceived by others and should therefore always look healthy and well-groomed. For this reason including a suitable hand care routine into our daily lives is essential. What may sound like a lot of work at first hardly takes any time at all. Just paying attention to little things can help.

Washing your hands

Most of us wash our hands several times a day – 12 times on average. In light of this frequency, we should take care to do everything right – and surprisingly few of us succeed. The first step is to make sure that the water is not too hot. Preferably always wash hands with cold or at most lukewarm water, as hot water attacks the skin’s natural protective mantle and makes it more susceptible to infection, irritation, etc.

Die Hände werden gewaschen.

Furthermore use a mild, moisture-retaining, skin-friendly or lipid-replenishing soap if possible to prevent the hands becoming dry handsoap. Finally, dry your hands and fingers with a very soft towel. If a soft towel is not available but only paper towels or other harder, rougher alternatives, just gently pat your hands dry.

It is important not to irritate the hands too much, but also not to just leave them wet under any circumstances, because wet hands are a breeding ground for bacteria and can spread a thousand times more bacteria than if they are dry.

Use hand cream

Hand cream moisturises and protects the hands. The skin on our hands is different from the skin on the rest of the body. It is particularly thin on the back of the hand where there is hardly any fatty tissue or sebaceous glands. Hands are therefore very sensitive and have special care needs that are best met by special hand creams rather than with conventional body lotion.

hands cream

Quick care after your washing hands

For regular and uncomplicated care after washing your hands, we recommend a fast-absorbing cream with a light texture such as JUST Fast Protection with Rhodolia & Ribwort Hand Cream. This product, as the name suggests, contains unique hygiene ingredients. As a result this cream helps to inhibit the development of germs and pathogens. It is therefore ideal for use after washing or disinfecting your hands.

Care for stressed hands

If you have particularly chapped and stressed hands, you should use a rich hand cream at least once a day and give your hands a brief break from working, washing, etc., so that the product can be well absorbed. In such cases the JUST Chamomile hand cream with chamomile for the regeneration of stressed hands is ideal.

Intensive overnight care

If you want to treat your hands to deep-acting, intensive treatment such as anti-ageing or deep repair, you should ideally do this overnight. If the hands need an extra dose of care, you can apply a thick layer of cream and wear cotton gloves or special spa gloves while you are asleep.

This allows the hand cream to be optimally absorbed and provides the skin with moisture and nourishing ingredients that can unfold their effects with deep-acting results. The JUST Chamomile Hand Cream is the right choice for intensive repair and moisturising.


Care for smooth, “spotless” hands

For those who are concerned about smoothing the skin and alleviating pigment spots, we recommend the Anti Age | Anti Spot Hand Serum made from Chinese peony and bearberry for youthful, cared-for hands.

UV protection

Our hands are unprotected most of the time and always exposed to daylight or sunlight and therefore UV radiation. Since these are responsible for premature skin ageing, it is recommended to always apply additional UV protection after your hand care routine – especially on sunny days.

UV Protections Hands shadow

Those of us who spend a lot of time outdoors should use sunscreen for both the face and body. We recommend the practical SPF 30 facial sunscreen when on the go which can be popped into any bag.


Not only a fashion accessory, but also a way of protecting our hands and fingers – in the winter against the cold and dry air and also in the summer, for example when gardening, to prevent injury and provide protection against UV exposure.

Nail care

Beautiful, well-groomed hands also mean attractive fingernails. Trim the nails regularly – preferably with a file than with scissors – and remove any dirt under the nails to keep them hygienic and clean. Cuticles, nail bed and nail can be treated with rich hand cream or special Care Oil for softness and cuticles can be carefully pushed back with manicure tools.

If you follow these simple but effective rules, your hands will be healthy and attractive.

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