Hand Serum Anti Age I Anti Spot

Our hands reveal our true age! This is unfortunately not just a figure of speech, but a sad reality. A study by the University of Göttingen proves that age spots make the skin look older than wrinkles. The hands reveal some of the "hidden age indicators", and their changes over time therefore allow conclusions to be drawn about our real year of birth.

For youthful, attractive hands

Typical signs are bony hands, fine wrinkles, protruding veins and vessels and the dreaded age spots. Unlike the face, the traces of life on the hands cannot simply be concealed with make-up or even erased with plastic surgery. A prime example of this is Madonna. At 63, the pop icon’s face still glows with youthful radiance, but time seems to have left its mark on her hands, which is why she likes to wear gloves when she performs. There was also a rumour circulating about Karl Lagerfeld that his gloves were less of a fashion accessory than a way of concealing his hands. However, he said himself that he was of the rock-solid conviction that gloves were the best way to keep the hands looking attractive as they protect them against excessive sun exposure and as a result prevent age spots. We actually agree with him in this respect. In fact, UV exposure is one of the main causes of the progression of hyperpigmentation. Other factors such as a genetic predisposition or hormonal influences also play a role.

We can’t provide you with the same luxury half-finger gloves as the legendary German fashion guru wore them all his life, but we can offer you the JUST Hand Serum Anti Age I Anti Spot with its clinically proven effectiveness. An absolute must-have – for hands that should not reveal our true age.

Hand Serum Anti Age I Anti Spot

Chinese peony I Bearberry

This highly concentrated serum protects and pampers hands that need a little extra care with an exquisite blend of Chinese peony and bearberry from Switzerland as well as nourishing oils. Combined with a cocktail of vitamins, the serum steadily alleviates pigment and age spots, fortifies the skin’s natural protective barrier and prevents loss of moisture and elasticity. It provides systematic care to counteract the effects of time and visibly perfect the skin’s appearance – to keep hands looking youthful and attractive. Its seductively scented texture is easily absorbed and leaves hands feeling soft, velvety and groomed for a lasting sense of well-being and comfort.


  • Apply a pea-sized amount to the back of your hands and gently massage it in until the serum is fully absorbed
  • For optimum effect leave the product on for at least one hour before washing your hands again
  • Individual pigment spots can be additionally treated
  • After complete absorption of the Hand Serum Anti Age I Anti Spot, round off your hand care with the Camomile Herbal Cream
  • As an intensive treatment, apply a larger quantity of the Hand Serum Anti Age I Anti Spot and wear cotton gloves overnight

Clinically confirmed effectiveness

Perceptible results already achieved after 4 weeks*
Self-assessment of the participants*

Positive responses:

  • For 95%: Pigment spots faded
  • For 95%: Smoother and firmer hands
  • For 87%: Improved skin structure
  • For 87%: More even skin tone
  • For 87%: Younger looking hands

83% of the study participants would recommend it to their best friend

Results* of instrumental analysis:
Improvement of skin elasticity: +32%**

Clinically confirmed results*:
For 70%, pigment spots faded***

*Test results of a clinical study carried out by an independent test institute on 24 test subjects over an application period of four weeks.

Application: Apply to the back of the hands and gently massage in the morning and evening
** Average value of measured improvement in the elastic recovery of the skin after deformation
*** Percentage of participants who experienced a reduction in the colour intensity of pigment spots

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Handserum Anti Age I Anti Spot

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