Harvest – When the time has come …

Our herbs were able to grow to their full potential over the summer high in the Appenzell mountains without any artificial fertilisers or pesticides. They have grown vigorously and have stored many essential oils and active ingredients that are of great importance to us for our highly effective products.

Our plant partners have followed and observed their growth with care, as when the plant shows itself to its best advantage, the ideal time for harvesting has arrived.

The characteristics and needs of the plants regarding harvesting are as varied as their appearance. 

The ideal harvest time depends on the species and the climatic conditions of the respective region. Important factors are the time of day, the weather and the state of growth of the plants. Many herbs develop the highest levels of active ingredients shortly before flowering. On sunny days, early in the morning, the plant develops the most intense aromas and the best quality of raw material is obtained.

Gathered by hand, our herbs were harvested on a sunny morning before the plants were carefully hung up to dry. The gentle air-drying process optimally preserves the ingredients of our heroes – the herbs. These herbs give us their power, their active ingredients, for which the JUST team of experts from Research & Development selects the most suitable and gentle extraction and processing method.

Find out which herbs were harvested for you in the beautiful Appenzellerland and in which products they are found again on our channels. Keep following us for more exciting information.

For 90 years, JUST develops, produces and distributes high-quality plant and herbal care for health, beauty and natural well-being in a personal, face-to-face way.