Interview with Zsuzsanna Joó, Key Account Managerin (Export)

Zsuzsanna Joó is Key Account Manager at JUST International AG and moved to Switzerland for this job. She tells us in this interview how she has been doing.

Dear Zsuzsanna, You moved to Switzerland from another country to work with us. How did you become aware of JUST?
I was contacted by a recruitment consultancy that was looking for staff on behalf of JUST.

Was it difficult to get somewhere to live here?
No, not at all. I found it easy to find somewhere suitable.

Was it difficult to find your feet in Switzerland?
No, everyone (those I’ve met so far) has been very open and friendly.

Who helped you with the work permit and other paperwork?
Human Resources contacted me and we filled out the necessary documents together. After that, I registered with my municipality of residence. Everything was very straightforward.

What do you do at work for JUST, what are you responsible for?
I am Key Account Manager Export and manage 11 countries. I am the interface between JUST International and the companies in the various countries, helping them in many different areas and introducing new products.

What is particularly special about your work?
Diversity – all countries are different and special. I encounter different cultures – from Australia to Benelux.

Zsuzsanna Joó, Key Account Managerin (Export)

Your career path so far?
I worked for over 20 years in direct sales, in different management positions and industries. Anything from cosmetics and food supplements to high-quality kitchen products. I have previously worked in many countries and the best part about it is: people are people everywhere

How are you finding Swiss culture?
Unfortunately, because of the pandemic I have not been able to explore Swiss culture in all its aspects. The experiences so far, however, have all been positive.

You’ve worked in many countries. What is different about Switzerland?
People are much more polite and considerate than in other countries.

Is the Swiss German we speak a problem for colleagues who come from other countries?
I think so….. Although I speak German very well, I still cannot understand Swiss German. But when I am on a break during work, my colleagues speak standard German, so that I can understand as well. I think it will be only a matter of time until I understand the Swiss dialect. At least, I hope so.

What would you recommend to someone wishing to establish a career in Switzerland?
They should definitely try it! 

How do you spend your spare time in Switzerland?
Enjoying the natural surroundings, which is wonderful! Every day is an experience: whether it is in the office with our marvellous view or outdoors. I like to go walking.

What is your favourite product and why?
Gardenia Roll-On: it helps me de-stress in the evenings and fall asleep for the whole night.

JUST is now your new employer. What makes JUST special?
A great team, a good corporate culture and tradition, good working conditions.

We would like to sincerely thank you for the interview. We are very happy to have you with us