JUST for a sustainable feeling of natural well-being

A sustainable approach to nature and the environment has been firmly anchored in JUST's corporate culture from the outset. We also have this corporate value, which is integrated into our everyday lives, systematically audited and certified by official bodies.

We are pleased to have met the strict criteria of the ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management System” again this year and as a result were able to ensure that our certification was endorsed!

The certificate is awarded to companies that contribute to active environmental protection by systematically complying with legal regulations and as a result minimise negative impact on the environment.

As a company we have a great responsibility towards the environment and nature and we therefore always set our own ambitious targets in terms of our environmental performance and strive to continuously improve our impact on the environment.

Have you heard about JUSTainability?

JUSTainability stands for a special bond between human and nature. With JUSTainability JUST puts the company’s values into practice in very special projects. A deep connection with nature, raw materials and our homeland is expressed in social responsibility with a fair and sustainable attitude towards employees, suppliers and customers.

Are you interested in this topic? So are we! That’s why we’re looking forward to taking you on an exciting journey focusing on sustainability at JUST. Step by step to more sustainability.