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The effects of the edelweiss in cosmetics

Discover the secrets of the edelweiss for your skin care! The edelweiss, a unique alpine flower, is not only a symbol of the Swiss mountains, but also has beneficial properties for the skin. Harvested from the sunny alpine meadows of Valais, this winter hardy plant harbours true wonder for your skin. With natural antioxidants and protective substances against environmental influences, edelweiss slows down the skin ageing process, reduces wrinkles and strengthens the skin barrier. Learn more about the impressive effects of edelweiss in cosmetics.

Edelweiss is a member of the daisy family (Asteraceae). It grows mainly on meadows and limestone rocks at an altitude of between 1,500 and 3,400 metres, and thrives on nutrient-poor soil. The main flowering period is from July to September, with the actual flower consisting of fine tubes that form the yellow interior of the flower head. Its bracts with their woolly, white-felted tops are arranged in a star pattern around the flower heads. The white felt protects the plant against wind, cold and drought as well as ultraviolet radiation. Due to its beauty, this unique plant has been gathered in large quantities over the last 200 years. The edelweiss has been protected in Switzerland since the 1970s at the latest and it is not permitted to pick it in the wild, although it is no longer considered to be endangered today. The edelweiss used in JUST products is grown and cultivated in fields in Switzerland established specifically to this purpose.

The effects of the edelweiss in cosmetic

The effects of the edelweiss in cosmetic products are varied. The plant is a real anti-aging talent for our skin. The antioxidants and other substances it contains protect the skin against free radicals, strengthen the skin barrier and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The versatile functional spectrum is due to the resistance that the edelweiss has developed in its evolution over thousands of years. With the help of certain plant substances, it can withstand the extreme conditions of its habitat. The botanical substances that protect the edelweiss against the weather also act on our skin as protection against environmental factors.

The edelweiss for JUST is grown in Valais in the sunny heights of the Alps. Our botanical extract obtained from these plants contains maximum levels of active ingredients such as leontopodium acid (edelweiss acid), chlorogenic acid and luteolin compounds. With regard to skin care, these substances are the treasures of the active botanical ingredient. They protect the skin, aid skin regeneration and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. With the edelweiss we have a natural ingredient that offers us a wide range of effects for cosmetic products.

Principle of action:

  • Slows the premature skin ageing process and protects the skin against oxidative stress
  • Helps smooth lines and wrinkles and prevent sagging of the skin
  • Supports the natural skin regeneration process and the skin’s protective barrier
  • Helps the skin maintain its natural balance and reduces skin sensitivity
  • Anti-pollution effect
  • Grown in Valais
  • + Sustainability: Unique edelweiss variety, sustainably, fairly and organically grown to preserve biodiversity

Swiss edelweiss

The edelweiss is undeniably the most symbolic and traditional Swiss alpine flower. With its characteristic appearance, it is an unmistakable icon of the Swiss mountains. The edelweiss is encountered in art and culture, cast in metal, carved in stone and wood and often embroidered on textiles. This wide-reaching presence shows that the admiration for the outstanding alpine plant has grown over centuries. This is probably not only due to its unique appearance and white-felted bracts.

The effects of the edelweiss in cosmetic

The robust edelweiss has also long aroused the interest of researchers. JUST’s supplier of active ingredients became aware of the alpine plant and its special substances 20 years ago. As a result it was possible to build up an extensive range of knowledge about the edelweiss and its valuable effects. The mountain flower has developed effective methods to protect itself against the cold, wind and high solar radiation in the high altitudes of its habitat, and these properties also have excellent effects on the skin.

Sustainable edelweiss cultivation in Valais

To learn more about the edelweiss and its growing conditions, we visited the edelweiss fields for Vital Just in Valais. On the edelweiss plantation we had the opportunity to meet a member of the team of our active edelweiss ingredient supplier. He told us about its cultivation and the enormous importance of sustainability criteria. This includes weeding by hand, not using synthetic pesticides, herbicides, mineral fertilizers or any other chemicals.

The effects of the edelweiss in cosmetic
Edelweiss field in Valais

Areas are created without artificial planting but with natural biodiversity and freedom for plants, birds and other animals to thrive. These are all measures to preserve and further promote alpine biodiversity. The farm is certified in compliance with Bio Suisse standards. In addition it is certified to fair trade rules of the “fair for life” criteria. Our supplier also cooperates with Agroscope, the centre for agricultural research in Switzerland. In this way more knowledge about cultivation will also be gained in the future, with the aim of constantly improving conditions for workers, animals and plants.

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