The JUST World – our film receives two awards in Cannes

The JUST World – Home of Natural Well-Being takes you on an interactive journey of discovery to a JUST natural well-being experience. One highlight is the 3D cinema where you are given exciting insights into how unique products with a feel-good factor are created from the interaction of nature, traditional herbal knowledge and research and development.

Our 360-degree visitor film won an award in two categories at the Cannes Corporate & TV Awards.

  • Silver in the Visitor Film category with the Silver Dolphin
  • Finalist Award in the Image Film category

A glimpse into the JUST World film.

Facts about the JUST World 3D cinema

  • 30-minute film
  • Produced with a 12k resolution
  • 360 degree projection using six beamers with a total resolution of 12000 x 1200 pixels
  • 14 channel audio in seven languages
  • Interactive experience including quiz questions from the film to collect points
  • Smellovision

JUST is very proud of these awards and would like to take this opportunity to thank the production team Beck & Friends and all involved for this unique film and our successful collaboration.

See for yourself and experience the JUST feeling of natural well-being personally with all your senses.