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Fair trade cocoa and shea butter from Africa

JUST is committed to the well-being of people & nature, a fact that is also reflected in the company values. When developing our products, we pay particular attention to the selection of raw materials. In doing so, we maintain long-standing partnerships and focus on fair trade.

With this year’s Winter Edition Cocoa-Amber with fair trade cocoa and shea butter from Africa, JUST promotes sustainable cultivation and the advancement of local communities.

Cocoa butter – certified organic from Uganda

The cocoa butter is cultivated in Uganda on an area of around 8000 hectares. The plantations are managed by small farmers who are supported by various initiatives. The organic farmers are provided with appropriate working equipment and have already been trained in planting techniques for 20 years. To keep the transport distances for the farmers to a minimum, there are over 36 different collection points for the cocoa beans. This is only one of many advantages, as with this project not only individuals are supported, but entire villages. Local and social projects such as community libraries and tree planting initiatives are supported, and donations are distributed among schools, churches and hospitals.

Farmer with her cocoa seedlings

Shea butter – “women’s gold”

Shea butter is also called “women’s gold” in Africa, because the majority of the collection and processing work is the responsibility of women. The extraction of shea butter is the basis of the livelihood of millions of women. For the rich shea butter in our limited winter edition we have chosen a programme that supports women in Africa who collect and sell shea kernels. The women receive training to improve processing and business practices and have full freedom of choice in selecting a trading partner. This strengthens the role of women in the shea trade and guarantees a better negotiating position.

Shea kernels

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