90 years natural well-being

This year, we at JUST are celebrating our 90th anniversary. Then and now, JUST stands for quality, healthy well-being and the endeavour to bring entrepreneurial action into harmony with people and nature. An ongoing success story that began in the 1920s in faraway Argentina.

JUST is 90 – a company with a pioneering spirit, a feeling for nature and a love of its homeland

JUST, the traditional Swiss company, is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year – along with its signature product «31 Herb Oil».

«We process the best from our homeland and from all over the world» was Ernst Jüstrich’s motto when he developed the multi-talented 31 Herb Oil, which has been almost synonymous with JUST since 1977. The beneficial formulation from Walzenhausen quickly became a global bestseller, and has been a favourite through the different generations until today. Then, as now, the traditional Swiss company based in Walzenhausen stands for quality, healthy well-being and the desire to live and operate in harmony with mankind and nature. This is a success story that began in the 1920s on the other side of the Atlantic – and with a suit.

Focus on Swiss quality

In 1923, Ulrich Jüstrich, who was born in Walzenhausen, emigrated like many others from Switzerland to Argentina in search of work, which he then found as a successful sales consultant for a brush company. The then 20-year-old quickly realised that one thing matters more than anything else – quality. The tale of Ulrich Jüstrich’s formative experience of how his newly purchased suit was no longer wearable after he was caught in a downpour is still told at JUST today. As a result he made top quality the most important value and aim of his company years later.
In 1928 Ulrich Jüstrich returned to Switzerland and in 1930 as sole proprietor founded the Ulrich Jüstrich company in his father’s old embroidery shop in order to create jobs in the region. He initially focused on sales, and from 1932 onwards on the development and production of brushes and household products. From the outset his products were renowned for the high quality from his homeland and responsible product consultation. In the early years more than 100 sales consultants sold JUST products throughout Switzerland and today more than 90,000 consultants in 34 countries around the world maintain a close personal relationship with their customers.

When horsehair for brush production became scarce during the war years, this innovative entrepreneur looked around for alternatives on his own doorstep. He found inspiration for new products that have a beneficial effect and are needed in the household in the abundant herbal and plant world of his home canton of Appenzell as well as in the traditional teachings of the Swiss herbalist pastor Künzle and Hildegard von Bingen. The new health, beauty and household products were made with natural ingredients which were initially still mixed and bottled by hand. Thanks to his hard work, clearly defined values and a business model that focused on long term results, the foundations for a great success story were laid.

«31 Herb Oil» becomes a bestseller

The launch of the 31 Herb Oil in 1977 marked the beginning of JUST’s success in the development and production of essential oils that unfold their beneficial effects to provide a feeling of healthy well-being. The highly concentrated multi-talent, which is an essential in any home pharmacy, is made – as its name already suggests – with 31 effective, perfectly blended essential oils and plant extracts and combines the quality commitment of the company founder with the plant expertise that has evolved over decades. The exact composition of the formula remains a valuable and well-kept secret to this day and will remain so in the future. This is not surprising, as there have been many attempts to copy the “magic mixture” over the years.

Led by Ernst, Ulrich Jüstrich’s eldest son, the second generation expanded the company and its production capacities and pushed ahead with internationalisation. The effectiveness of JUST herbal and plant care inspired people beyond the country’s borders. Sales organisations were founded in several countries and a production plant was set up in Argentina to supply the American continent with JUST products that were based on the original recipes. Today more than two million bottles of 31 Herb Oil are dispatched from the production facilities in Walzenhausen and Buenos Aires every year for sale around the world.

Third generation at the helm

JUST is proud of its origins and history and is true to its family tradition. Its links with the region and its love of nature is also very important to the third generation, which has been at the helm of the company since 2002. Hansueli and Marcel, Ernst Jüstrich’s two sons, not only hone the values of the family business, but also set an example for a sustainable future at the Walzenhausen site in 2016 with the new «Generations Building».

«The entrepreneurial vision and pioneering spirit of previous generations are both an incentive and an obligation for us to master future tasks just as successfully as our grandfather and father did in a most impressive way,» comment Hansueli and Marcel Jüstrich.

The company’s signature product – the 31 Herb Oil – will be on sale in a limited special edition with a festive design to celebrate its anniversary. If you want to experience this classic product yourself, your personal JUST consultant is the right person to contact. The entire JUST product portfolio is also available online at and at 0800 58 78 24.

About the company:
The JUST Group (Ulrich Jüstrich Holding AG), headquartered in Walzenhausen, Switzerland, is a family-owned company with international operations run by the third generation. For 90 years JUST has been developing and producing herbal and plant-based care products of the highest Swiss quality for health, beauty and well-being.

 JUST is actively represented in 34 countries around the world. The more than 90,000 sales consultants who represent the JUST brand play an important role in the company’s operations. The effective products for health and well-being are sold personally in the customer’s home by direct sales consultants who also offer professional advice.