Why we should take care of our feet

Our feet stabilise our body and bear all our weight, day after day, year after year. Although they do a remarkable job, we often pay them little attention because we underestimate how important healthy feet are for our general well-being. This article summarises the unpleasant consequences that a lack of foot care can have and how we can keep our feet healthy.

An optimum foot care routine


The first step is to keep our feet clean. This applies especially when we are wearing closed shoes, in which our feet are often stuck all day, with heat and moisture building up when we are walking or running around. We should wash our feet with water and shower gel – preferably in the evening, to rinse off everything that builds up during the day, such as sweat, bacteria and flakes of skin. After a long day, the Seaweed Magnesium Shower Gel is ideal, as it not only has a revitalising effect on the body, but also on the feet. Make sure that you also take time to soap between the toes and dry your feet off thoroughly afterwards.

Foot deodorant

After showering in the mornings you should apply a foot deodorant before putting on any footwear, either open or closed, either with or without socks. Foot deodorants can not only help inhibit the development of moisture and bacteria, but also provide a fresh cooling sensation as well as a pleasant fragrance. As less sweat forms, the odour that normally develops is actually minimised or prevented completely, and the appealing fragrance of the deodorant does not simply cover up the smell of sweat. Last but not least, foot deodorant also helps to keep fungal infections at bay. JUST Pedibon Foot Deo provides optimum, all-round, 24-hour and lasting protection with a particularly cool refreshing fragrance experience.

Foot bath

A foot bath is not something that you need to do every day. However, if you want to have soft feet with smooth skin, you should treat your feet to a foot bath at regular intervals, for example once a week. Your feet will then have a thorough cleansing and it is easier to remove hard skin afterwards.

The water temperature shouldn’t exceed 38°C and you shouldn’t keep your feet immersed for much longer than 10 minutes, otherwise the skin will swell up and in the long run the opposite of the desired effect is achieved – your skin becomes increasingly dry. San’Activ herbal bath salt is an ideal bath additive. The Dead Sea salt it contains regenerates and soothes the skin.

Foot cream

Just as we take care of our face to prevent dryness and to achieve an attractive complexion, we can also pamper our feet, because they work hard and deserve some extra care. Dry patches and hard skin look as unpleasant as they feel, and a foot cream can provide lasting relief. Used as a preventative measure, it can minimise or stop the development of hard skin. It is advisable to prevent dry skin on the feet for health-related reasons, as it opens the door to germs, fungi and wart viruses.

After showering, apply JUST Pedibalm for combined leg and foot care. A rich foot cream is recommended in the evening before going to bed. It can also be used as a foot mask when applied thickly and covered with cotton socks. Let’s treat our feet to this pampering routine once a week with the JUST Pedi Cream.

Removing hard skin

A little hard skin on the feet is normal and also healthy, as it protects the feet against daily wear and tear. Hard skin should therefore always be removed gently and carefully, and never completely. However, if deep cracks develop, some hard skin should be removed, for example with a pumice stone, as bacteria can accumulate in the crevices.

Cutting toenails

Our recommendation – not too short and not too long. Long toenails and fingernails can always tear and cause injuries. Sweat can also accumulate under long toenails, and fungi can take hold. That’s why you should cut, clip, or file your nails regularly – just enough to keep the corners intact and prevent them from growing in.

Everyday tips

Whenever you can, walk barefoot. Light and fresh air provide the best conditions to keep your feet healthy and walking without shoes is a simple but efficient workout for the foot muscles. You can also do special foot exercises, either just while you are standing around or also actively as part of your training routine. Our feet (and we too) always enjoy a massage.

If you are unsure and would like an expert to look at your feet or would simply like to pamper them, don’t hesitate to seek professional foot care, preferably at a medical or diabetic foot care studio.

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