Interview with JUST CEO Heinz Moser

Heinz Moser has been CEO at JUST for just over 11 years. He works closely with the owners Hansueli & Marcel Jüstrich and his colleagues from the management team in leading the company and the JUST brand purposefully into the future. Read on to find out about his experiences during his career and where Heinz Moser sees JUST in ten years' time in this interview.

Can you describe JUST in three words?
Heinz Moser: People, nature, science.

Have you always aspired to your current position?
Heinz Moser: Throughout my career I have always done what I enjoy doing and what I am passionate about. I believe that if you do what you love doing, you do it well. This is how opportunities opened up which I then took advantage of when they arose.

What was the most important decision you made regarding your career?
Heinz Moser: Joining JUST. In this position as the CEO of a family business, I have been able to evolve and grow the most with the support of the company’s owners.

I work with sales-oriented people as well as with scientists in quality management as well as in research and development, with experienced employees in production and also from many other areas of our company.

The fact that I get to work with so many different people really enriches my life.

Heinz Moser, CEO JUST

How do you deal with stress and failure?
Heinz Moser: On the one hand I’m lucky that I haven’t really had any failures at work so far, but have always been successful. I certainly did a lot of things right, but it also takes luck to be in the right place at the right time. And the most important factor – I always had experienced and very good employees at my side. I can handle stress well because I have always enjoyed doing what I have done and still do now, and I have done it with passion, so my stress has always been of the positive kind.

I think one of the most important things in life is that you enjoy what you do and that you don’t just do a job for the money so that you can do what you really want to at the weekends. That’s why I talk less about work-life balance and more about work-life integration. At the same time I’m also good at making sure I get enough time for rest and relaxation which helps me manage my energy levels and also keeps me happy and positive.

What does a CEO do from 6 p.m. on Fridays until 6 a.m. on Mondays?
Heinz Moser: Some time is reserved for work, I would say about half to a full day, to do some strategic conceptual work or prepare meetings for the following week. Some is also reserved for the family and friends and some to keeping active; for me this means rowing, hiking and going on skiing tours. And, of course, there is still some time left over for getting enough sleep. Then there are sometimes weekends that are scheduled for JUST events and training, which is a very typical aspect of working in direct sales. These events can be in Switzerland or abroad, especially in Germany, Italy, France and other countries.

What do you think about women in leadership positions?
Heinz Moser: I’ve never really asked myself this question, because for me it makes no difference whether I’m dealing with a woman or a man, as the most important aspect of a manager is that they have the necessary professional competence and at the same time, or above all, they are supportive towards their employees. I think the same of women as I do of men, but I think that as a whole it is advantageous to have a good mix in a management team, because women look at certain things differently than men. That’s why I think the entire management team should be diverse with a wide variety – this is something from which the company can only benefit. However, professional competence, social competence and personal competence should always come first.

How did you earn your first franc back then?
Heinz Moser: As an usher and ice cream vendor in a cinema in Lucerne.

What is your favourite JUST product and why?
Heinz Moser: The Sacha Inchi – Sea Buckthorn Shower Oil and in second place the Pedicream. The shower oil gently caresses the body and provides the moisture that I find essential. Starting the day with this JUST Shower Oil means that it can only turn out to be pleasant and successful.

CEO Heinz Moser & Amra Mahmutovic, commercial apprentice in the 3rd year

Looking back, what are you most proud of?
Heinz Moser: I’m most proud of the wonderful development of JUST; of its commercial development and the growth that we were able to achieve in recent years as well as the many positive relationships that I was able to establish with different people in the JUST environment. I am proud of these good, solid, professional, but also personally rewarding relationships that have grown over the years.

Where do you see JUST in 10 years’ time?
Heinz Moser: As the market leader in direct sales and personal care products; JUST as synonymous with sustainability, effectiveness and a pleasurable experience.

This interview was held by Amra Mahmutovic, a commercial apprentice in her 3rd year. JUST is very interested in promoting an entrepreneurial mindset and a self-confident and professional appearance in the business world through the apprentices’ own projects.

Sandra Tobler, Head Human Resources