He cares – skin care for men

The skin care market for women has an unbelievable range of products and there are constantly more coming onto the market. For a few years now there has also been movement in men's care. For this reason an increasing number of products are appearing, specifically for men's skin. Initially often classified as clever marketing, it has long since been scientifically proven that men's skin differs from women's skin and that specific needs must be addressed accordingly. Another factor is that men are becoming more open to the topic of care and beauty and are also showing interest in doing something beneficial for their skin.

Men’s skin is different

In general, men’s skin is thicker by up to 16%, is also oilier than women’s and contains more collagen. This makes it much more resilient, but still far from invulnerable. Men’s skin also suffers from the various environmental effects and despite a stronger collagen structure, men’s skin ages – just differently than women’s skin.

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Hormones make the difference

Testosterone is largely responsible for the structure and properties of male skin. It boosts sebum production, resulting in oily skin that tends to dry out less easily. For this reason a lighter moisturising care product is recommended with a lower fat content, as it could clog the pores. These are often larger in robust men’s skin than in women’s.

Also the process of skin ageing differs. This often becomes noticeable at a later point in time, but then it happens quite quickly and is often more pronounced than in women. A significant factor that makes skin ageing visible in men is muscle atrophy. As the muscle area in the forehead is particularly pronounced, the breakdown of these muscles often results in forehead wrinkles. In addition, dark circles and bags under the eyes are very common and make the affected person look tired.

Another distinguishing feature is the pH in men, which is usually a little lower than that of women, which may be due to the higher production of fat and may ultimately result in a weakened acid mantle.

Last but not least – shaving

Regular or even daily shaving puts a lot of stress on the skin and can cause irritation. Each time the top layer of skin is removed, exposing unfinished skin cells that are very sensitive to external factors. If, in the worst case, a blunt razor was used, there is an increased risk of razor burn and shaving pimples. More than a third of all men suffer from shaving-related skin problems.

The right skin and beard care for men

The first step in every good routine – even for men – is cleansing. Sweat and dirt from the day as well as excess sebum deposits should be removed. Water alone is not enough and ordinary soap and shower gel dry out the skin. Facial cleansing gel or cleansing cream is needed. Lather with lukewarm water then rinse off, pat dry – finished! A routine for the morning – remove the sebum and nightly excretions and in the evening remove environmental pollutants! This allows the subsequent care products to unfold their effects properly.

Top priority for men’s skin is moisturisation. Rich creams are often, especially in younger years, a bit too much of a good thing and could put additional stress on the skin and clog the pores. On cold winter days a rich cream can be used to prevent broken capillaries. Serums and gel formulations are ideal for energising and moisturising the skin. Men who shave every day require additional special care – skin-soothing products are then an absolute MUST to help the resulting microfissures subside as quickly as possible. 

Last but not least, the skin needs protection against daily environmental factors that can age the skin or even damage its health. A day care product, many of which already have a blue light filter, usually provides protection against free radicals.

For those who want an uncomplicated beauty routine, JUST has developed the JUST FOR MEN 2IN1 FACE CARE CALM & PROTECT with edelweiss, masterwort and alpine skullcap.

It moisturises the skin, nourishes the beard, has a soothing effect after shaving and protects against daily environmental effects and therefore against premature ageing of the skin.

For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, and even more so in the sun, a sunscreen with SPF 30 or 50 is essential, because nothing is as dangerous for the skin as UV radiation. Practical for at home and when out and about. The JUST Sun Care Face Sun Cream SPF 30 with edelweiss and physalis.

With this simple beauty routine, most skin types are well protected. Of course, different skin types (very dry skin, combination skin, very oily skin, etc…) may face very specific challenges. In such cases your personal JUST consultant can advise you individually on what else you can do for your skin.

For 90 years JUST has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality plant and herbal care products for health, beauty and well-being on a personal one-to-one basis.