It’s springtime – the right skin care for spring

Our skin works around the clock and the results are impressive – every 28 days our skin has completely renewed itself. While our skin has to withstand all kinds of stress during the day, it is busy regenerating itself at night. For this reason care products for day and night also vary. Our skin is not only active in different ways throughout the day, but also during the four seasons. Depending on how much light and the temperatures our skin is exposed to, it also needs appropriate care.

Lack of moisture in the spring months

Delicate facial skin is often particularly deficient in moisture during the spring months. In winter the exposed areas of the body are deprived of moisture to a great degree. The constant change between dry heating air and harsh cold outdoor temperatures means that skin often becomes dry, cracked or even flaky. Now is the right time to change your winter skincare products, which are often too greasy for the warmer months, and use a lighter moisturiser.

Goodbye winter skin – facial care

However, first of all our skin needs help to shed its winter layers.

In the dry winter air, shedding of the top layer of the skin is not as effective and the stratum corneum tends to become thicker. This can make the skin look sallow and pale and, in extreme cases, even cause dry skin flakes to form.

For this reason, regular gentle peels are now recommended once or twice a week over a longer period of time. This allows the top layer of skin to be freed from dead skin flakes and opens the pores so that the skin can breathe. There are different products for the body and for facial treatment, as the fine skin of the face needs a little more gentleness. Such a gentle facial peel can also be used for the lips, which are often chapped and cracked, especially as winter draws to a close. Important for cleansing with or without peels; do not expose the skin to warm water for too long, as this will only irritate it even more.

Subsequently, dry winter skin should be given sufficient moisture, preferably with rich masks, as these have a particularly deep-acting effect and can help the skin to replenish its moisture reserves.

The right day cream or night cream is very suitable for applying after the extra portion of moisture from the mask. The day cream should contain active antioxidant ingredients that protect the skin against free radicals, which is particularly important at the beginning of spring when UV radiation increases. However, such a day care product is no replacement for sunscreens, which are an also an essential part of our spring beauty routine.

A sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or even SPF 50 is recommended for facial care.

Body care

The skin of our body also requires special care after the winter. A body peel is recommended to remove the flakes on the outer layer of skin. Afterwards the dry winter skin should be treated with a body lotion that is rich in moisture. Rich lotions are particularly suitable for dry areas such as the elbows and knees that ideally also contain regenerating active ingredients that promote healing of the stressed skin. Popular ingredients include calendula or Dead Sea salt, which can also prevent itching.

When spring arrives we usually not only pay special care to our skin, but also treat our homes to a spring clean and pay more attention to our gardens and outdoor areas. However, housework and gardening are not always beneficial for our bodies. The next day our back and legs often let us know that we may have been overdoing things.

If we are suffering from the results of overexertion, blood circulation-enhancing and also cooling ointments can provide relief for muscles and joints. A nourishing hand cream is recommended for rough and chapped hands. This can also be used with gloves as a mask to soften and regenerate the skin on the hands.

The same applies for the body as for the face – always use a sunscreen. All uncovered areas should be adequately protected against UV radiation.

Drink enough water

Something that is true every year and every day irrespective of the season needs even more attention in the warmer months. Everyone knows they should but not everyone manages to drink enough to stay hydrated.

We should be drinking at least two to three litres of water or unsweetened herbal teas a day. This provides our skin with moisture from the inside, something that no care product can do. Our body will also thank us.

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