What’s growing up there in the Appenzell mountains?

Herbs and plants are the true heroes of our products. JUST has always focused on plants that are native to special climatic conditions such as those in the Alpine region, and which develop sophisticated protective mechanisms as a result.

Every plant has its own unique needs in order for its power to fully unfold. There are important factors that must be fulfilled while a plant is growing:

  • Water

We may have found the weather in April and May fairly unpleasant, but for the plant world rain is a blessing. Water performs three vital functions for plants: as a natural solvent and transport medium, it dissolves nutrients from the soil, takes them to where they are needed and continuously supports the growing plant.

  • Light

Light is an energy source that initiates photosynthesis. Without sufficient light some plants never flourish, bloom or reveal their full splendour.

  • Oxygen & carbon dioxide

Oxygen is vital to the circle of life flowing between plants, people and animals. Much of the oxygen in the air is made by plants through photosynthesis, forming important nutrients from carbon dioxide and water with the help of light.

  • Nutrients

Nutrients have a considerable influence on the growth of plants. Each plant requires certain nutrients, which may or may not be available, depending on the environment.

What makes Alpine plants and herbs so special?

Many of our heroes come from Alpine regions. For example, the Appenzellerland at 900 metres above sea level. Here they are often exposed to harsh climatic conditions, such as temperature fluctuations and sudden changes in weather. In the Alps, the growing season is shorter, day-night temperature differences greater and the UV radiation stronger. Plants adapt to the special environment and develop their own survival mechanisms – for example: a thick covering of hairs, a short, stocky stature or a wax-like coating. These mechanisms are important above all to prevent dehydration. By adopting their own special strategies, these plants have everything they need to flourish. Our plants in Appenzell, high in the mountains, achieve their full strength completely without fertilisers or pesticides. They are grown and cared for by our plant partners, without any kind of external intervention. Then, when the right time comes, they are hand-picked in the early morning and hung up to dry. Resilient and highly effective, they are pure nature in perfection and give us their power, which we carefully prepare and process.

For 90 years, JUST develops, produces and distributes high-quality plant and herbal care for health, beauty and natural well-being in a personal, face-to-face way.